The mission of the Clarence F. Holmes Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Memorial Scholarship Fund is to award scholarships to qualified graduates of Metropolitan Denver Area High Schools.

Our mission is founded in the reality that many high school students are from an economically disadvantaged family and are often in need of financial assistance in order to obtain a higher education.

Program Parameters

The program awards $6,000 to each recipient over his/her four-year college career. Awards of $750 are given at the beginning of each semester.

Program Success Measurements

  • The percentage of scholarship recipients who are graduated from college.
  • The progress that these students subsequently make in securing employment commensurate with their education.
  • The degree to which graduates become productive citizens in their community.

Benefit and Scope of Community Impact

The program’s impact on the community is found in the hope and monetary support that it provides to a segment of the population that faces the imminent possibility of being left out. It creates an avenue for those who are qualified, to escape the rolls of the unemployed and/or involvement with the criminal justice system.

The program assists four or more students simultaneously during their four-year college career. All scholarship recipients are monitored throughout this period and grade point accountability is placed squarely on each recipient.

Approximately 35 to 40 students compete for the scholarships on an annual basis.

Program Uniqueness

This program is unique in the sense that it is one of the few local scholarship programs that follow the students throughout their college career providing assistance over a four year period. Because of the spiraling cost of higher education, most organizations can only afford to give one-time scholarships.

The Clarence F. Holmes Memorial Scholarship Fund solicits financial support from its fraternity members and the local business and corporate community to maintain its commitment to scholarship awards.